The United Way will hold its annual Back to School Fair on August 6th at Oshkosh North High. According to their press release, the committee organizing this event aims to serve over 1000 families, so the need is real.

The United Way is requesting that we hold a "Christmas in July" event starting June 20th. They would like donations of clothing and cash:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Gift cards
  • Cash

The committee will supply us with gift tags for the Christmas tree. Look for them soon.

The Bethany Semi-Annual Meeting will be held on Sunday, June 28th immediately following worship. Along with updates on our finances, board and committee reports, and news from the Search Committee, we will consider other topics:

  • Adding alternates to the Executive Council
  • Considering a new hymnal
  • Starting a community meal for the Bethany neighborhood

Look for a finalized agenda in the bulletin on June 21st

Adult Christian Ed has changed format. We will still meet at 9:00-ish on Sunday mornings—even over summer!—but in the lounge area in the Fellowship Room.

Rather than a formal class, we will have an open, informal discussion each week. Grab a cup of coffee, talk about your week, ask Pastor Dan a question about scripture or faith, it's all good!

Starting on June 7th, things might look a little different in worship this summer. To promote a feeling of community and togetherness, we're going to arrange our seating in a semi-circle. Or, more precisely, in a diamond  shape:


Pastor Dan will lead worship from a pulpit or table in the center of this arrangement. We'll try it out for the summer (June, July and August) and decide if we like it, if we prefer the previous arrangement, or if we'd like to try something different. We'll collect feedback and impressions as we go along.